Don’t miss the Classics N’at SERIES FINALE! from Pittsburgh Public Theater

Location & Dates: Online • June 17-20

Written by Emma Gibson

Directed by Marya Sea Kaminski

Winner of Pittsburgh Public Theater’s 2021 New Play Contest

7.7 billion people on earth and everyone is lonely. Perhaps. Trina definitely is, even though tonight is her birthday and she’s going to party like it’s 1982. But when Andrew and Clare turn up as Superman and Little Bo Peep, the ache of loneliness fills the night. Even Dalir senses it from the rooftop, somewhere between London and Pakistan, and now he has to do something about it. When We Fall is a new play about learning to fly, telling stories, and finding friendship in unexpected places.

Starring Deena Aziz, Ben Cherry, Parag S. Gohel, Lenne Klingaman, and Robyne Parrish.

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